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Do you still remember the many advantages?

We hope that you were happy with your XOVI test account. Become a pro user now and profit from the innumerable advantages that the all-in-one online marketing suite offers you. Keep your knowledge edge over your competitors and permanently improve your visibility in key search engines.

All tools in one suite: XOVI

All tools in one suite: keywords, links, on-page, SEA, affiliates and social signals. XOVI gives you the data and tools for all relevant areas of online marketing. Use XOVI to analyse an unlimited number of domains and competitors and create an unlimited number of projects. Pick from our Pro, Business or Enterprise versions. If you are not sure which version is best for you, we will be happy to help you at any time either by e-mail to info@xovi.com or call +49 (0)221 677 873 40.

The right XOVI version for everyone

You can see the differences between the various versions in this small comparison table.



The most popular

2,500 keyword queries per week

25,000 URLs per on-page domain analysis

500,000 API credits

Weekly link proofing

1 administrator account

0 read-only accounts

XOVI Business


Designed for agencies

3,500 keyword queries per week

50,000 URLs per on-page domain analysis

750,000 API credits

Weekly link proofing

1 administrator account

3 read-only accounts

XOVI Enterprise


Designed for agencies

10,000 keyword queries per week

250,000 URLs per on-page domain analysis

1,500,000 API credits

Daily link proofing

5 administrator account

30 read-only accounts

Come out on top in online marketing with XOVI!

In the past fortnight, you have learned a lot about XOVI, your competitors and last, but not least, about your company. So that you can always stay a step ahead of your competitors in online marketing, go for XOVI. XOVI gives you all the relevant data about the development of your domain and the domains of your competitors. This data can be perfectly analysed with the various tools in the XOVI suite and used to your own advantage.

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We hope that your first steps into the world of online marketing have been a success with the XOVI suite. We would like to thank you for putting your trust in us and hope to greet you soon as our customer.

Do you still have questions about the various versions? The most frequently asked questions are answered in our XOVI FAQs.

Can’t find your question here? Then just send us an e-mail to info@xovi.com or give us a call: +49 221 6778 73 40.

Thank you for trusting in us! Your XOVI Team