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Step 1: Start a new on-page analysis

The button takes you directly to the "On-Page" menu. Click on "Start Analysis" to start the on-page analysis. This procedure can take a few minutes because XOVI is putting the entire technical implementation under the microscope. To shorten the waiting time, we would like to give you a bit of background information:

XOVI Info: Google Panda

Google Panda is an update in Google’s search engine algorithm. The Panda update is targetted against websites with low quality content. Low quality content in the eyes of Panda are websites that have little unique content or have an unnaturally high occurrence of keywords.

Step 2: Get a preliminary overview

Once the analysis is finished, you can view the results under On-Page > Analysis > Overview. The results of the test will show you how many errors are hidden on your website. XOVI will also give you a number of hints and tips about your website. But first you should take care of the errors. Under the results, you will see the total optimisation degree of your website in percent.

Step 3: Recognise and remove errors

Just a click on the number of errors will give you a list of all on-page errors found. Based on the description and corresponding URL, you can now eliminate all on-page errors point by point. If this view is not detailed enough for you, go to "On-Page" in the menu to have the optimisation degree and recommended actions for META or images displayed.

Step 4: Optimise website loading time

Page speed monitoring will help analyse and optimise download times of your website. Click on "Monitor New URL" and the project and URL. Then start the analysis. XOVI prepares all the components for you that have an impact on the loading time of your website. That way you can see directly which components of your website may need to be optimised.

Step 5: Optimise texts with WDF*IDF

Your website texts can be optimised for search engines with the aid of WDF*IDF text optimisation. To start a new optimisation, go to On-Page > Text Optimisation (WDF*IDF) > Overview and click there on "Start New Optimisation". Based on the results, you can now see which keywords need to be used at which frequency on your website.

Done: Your first on-page analysis in XOVI

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Congratulations! You have performed your first on-page analysis with XOVI. You have laid the cornerstone for a good ranking in Google & Co through the optimisation performed. Let XOVI help you keep the development of your on-page optimisation permanently in view in future and make both visitors and search engines happy with a clean on-page.

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