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The XOVI Keyword Tool

Projects can be monitored on a daily basis with the XOVI keyword tool. Analyse rankings, visibility, subpages or subdomains of any domain and react in real-time to your own changes in ranking or those of the competition.

Know the competition and keep and eye on them

The XOVI online marketing tool offers a competitor analysis in the area of keywords, too. Changes in the market need to be trackable so that you can be found by certain keywords before your competitor. In addition, up to one thousand competitor domains that come up in a comparison of all ranking keywords can be displayed in a project.

Be up-to-date every day

Monitoring lets you track the day’s most important keywords in Germany and 39 other countries. Only by reacting quickly to changes in rankings can SEO strategies be effectively adapted.

What value do my rankings have?

XOVI’s ranking value shows the value of a domain’s ranking keywords based from 1 to 10. Thanks to so-called key values, potential can be shown for which optimisation is particularly worth it.

At the top of the rankings – test XOVI today and recognise your potential!

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