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Why it all starts with a competitor analysis

Even in the internet, a competitor analysis is of supreme importance for getting an exact overview of your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses – that is the only way your own market position can be correctly assessed. There are additional advantages for search engine optimisation: Competitors’ actions can be detected to a certain extent and used to your own advantage.

Competitor analysis with XOVI

With the help of the XOVI all-in-one suite, you are able to carry out a thorough competitor analysis. All the data necessary for this can be taken from the various tool areas. No matter whether it is keyword, affiliate, SEA, social signals, or link data. XOVI lets you decrypt for the most part the online marketing measures of your competitors.

Use the XOVI checklist to your advantage

To make your first steps in competitor analysis as easy as possible, we offer you our convenient competitor checklist to download free. Download the PDF below and start your analysis immediately. We’ll go through the first steps together with you.

Step 1: Who are my competitors?

Think about the 5 key search terms for your company and enter these in Google Search one after the other. Look closely to see which websites occupy the top positions when the keywords are entered. The top-placed domains are generally your sharpest competitors.

Step 2: Which search terms are key?

Check your search terms with your keyword analysis. You can find the keyword analysis under Keywords > Keyword Analysis. A good keyword should a) fit the content of the website b) have the highest possible search volume c) have low competitor density. A look at the competitors can’t hurt either. Put these under Keywords > All Keywords.

Continue working with the checklist

Once you have the answers to the first questions for your competitor analysis in Step 1 and Step 2, you can carry on. It doesn’t matter, by the way, which chapter you do first. If the topic social signals is the most important to you, then you can start there first. We recommend, however, that you work through all the chapters at least once.

Congratulations: You have performed your first competitor analysis

  Competitor Analysis Video

With the help of the competitor analysis, you now know who your direct online competitors are and how to assess your own market position. But don’t forget the old saying: "The competition never sleeps". As an entrepreneur, you need always be aware of the market development and your competitors – you can always be sure of that with XOVI and the competitor analysis!

Already convinced about our XOVI all-in-one suite? Then order XOVI now and always be a step ahead of your competitors!

Do you still have questions about the competitor analysis or other functions in the XOVI suite? The most frequently asked questions are answered in our XOVI FAQs.

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See you later! Your XOVI Team