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There are many factors that affect the quality of a document. The texts on a website should first of all be unique. With the WDF*IDF Editor from the XOVI suite, individual websites can also be checked and adapted for the occurrence of certain words. In this way, specific keywords within a document can be highlighted for the search engines. This leads to a website’s increasing relevance in the rankings.

Which keywords am I still missing?

The WDF*IDF tool helps you when it comes to the active improvement of text content. Existing articles can be optimised with little effort, missing words added or words that show up too frequently cancelled.

Website texts over the course of time

If in the past it was expected that certain keywords had to come up in a text, content now plays an even greater role in whose context the terms are found. With the WDF*IDF Editor, the topic of each page is analysed and suggestions are given for other keywords that should also be included from a search engine point of view. Content for web pages in future can be created more easily and above all, more effectively.

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