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Backlinks: A brief definition

A backlink is an incoming link from one website to another. In the early days of the internet, the only task of a link was for web navigation. Today backlinks are also crucial for SEO. For search engines, backlinks serve as strong indicators of the popularity and relevance of a website.

Value of backlinks

Backlinks can make or break a website’s visibility. Whether a backlink achieves a positive effect depends on several factors. The accompanying infographic will help you assess a backlink. If your backlink meets all the criteria of the infographic, then you can assume that this link has a positive effect on the visibility of your website.

Know your own link profile inside-out

A status quo analysis (and monitoring later) of your own link profile is the basis for any link-building strategy. What type of website links to mine? What are the anchor text sections of my domain? What is the relevance of my backlink sources so far? These and other questions are to be answered soon. With XOVI, these questions can be answered in a few clicks.

Link building with XOVI

XOVI provides you with a range of powerful tools to analyse and expand the backlinks to your domain. Naturally, all other domains can be analysed, such as those of your competitors! With the hub finder or domain comparison tool, new backlink sources can be easily tapped.

Tap new backlink sources with XOVI

XOVI offers you two tools – the hub finder and domain comparison – to advance your own link building. Compare your own link profile with those of your competitors and receive a list of all shared and exclusive link sources of your competitors. All data can be easily exported and subsequently used for your own link-building actions.

Analyse competitors’ backlinks

With XOVI you can analyse the backlinks of your competitors with just a few clicks and use the results obtained for your own purposes. To get an initial overview of the link profiles of your competitors, we recommend the Quick Analysis Table in the Overview of the link tools. Here, with just a few clicks, you can see top anchor texts, top domains and top link targets.

Congratulations: You have performed your first link analysis

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Congratulations! You have performed your first basic link analysis with XOVI. You can appreciate how valuable backlinks are and know how it is with your own link profile. In the next section of our series, we will go a bit deeper into the topic of competitor analysis.

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