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XOVI: the road to success in online business
Keep an eye on your domain’s positioning
See a detailed breakdown of your current SEO rankings and identify your best- and worst- performing keywords. Discover potentially valuable new keywords and effectively boost your rankings.
Monitor the development of your keywords
Monitor your site's progress over time to test and evaluate SEO strategies. Designate specific keywords and parameters. Control is the key to successful SEO/SEM
Structure and optimize your website’s implementation
Quickly detect all errors on your webpage which may negatively impact your visibility in search engines: duplicate content, defective links, too many H1 headings, SEO tips and much more.
Monitor and assess the build-up of backlinks for projects
Monitor and manage backlinks and create new link partnerships to increase your search engine rankings. Weekly updates allow you to monitor links and create customized reports for your clients.
Avoid penalties or overcome them
Determine the overall risk of an analyzed domain and avoid Google penalties through regular analyses of your link profile.
Search Analytics
Detect and control visitor flows, recognize potentials
Search Analytics
Which keywords lead to more visitors, which landing pages are most popular? Link the XOVI suite to a web analysis tool of your choice and optimize your traffic.
Increase the effectiveness of your online campaigns
Analyse your Google AdWords ads with the XOVI online marketing suite. Here you can see Google ad-campaigns, competitors' booked keywords, historical data and much more.
Create personalized reports for yourself or your customers
Create your own marketing reports with the Reporting tool. Customize colours, content, and logos to suit your or your clients' corporate image. Offer custom automated reporting services tailored to your clients' needs.

XOVI is ideal for

Online Businesses

Being easy to find can mean the difference between success and failure for your online business. A good SEO ranking with the most popular search engines, particularly Google, is of utmost importance. XOVI supports you in all your day-to-day online marketing and SEO, helping you make the right decisions to achieve success. SEO is an inexact science and requires constant attention and revision. That's why it's important to have a long-term overview of your optimizations and their effects to find out exactly what works and what doesn't. XOVI helps you to identify and capitalize on your most effective keywords, gradually optimizing your content based on the facts and improving your site's ranking values. XOVI also enables you to keep tabs on your competitors. At the push of a button you can track the competition's progress in detail, analyse shared and exclusive keywords, backlinks, and link sources, and react quickly to changes. Competitors' affiliate networks, as well as the specific pages where links were set, are listed under the Affiliates tool. It's all the information you need to get ahead. XOVI's SEM tool is essential for managing your Google AdWords campaigns. Examine the performance of all SEM keywords over time in detail, including key metrics such as CPC, for any domain – yours or your competitors'. Using XOVI, you can test different advertising approaches and make fact-based decisions to fine-tune your strategy. Optimizing your SEM in this way will lower scattering losses for your Google SEM adverts, increase conversion rates and result in rising profits. With XOVI you'll always be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to SEO, SEM, and backlink management.


The XOVI online marketing suite is especially useful for professional SEO service providers. XOVI enables you to make your own internet presence visible to users and to run effective SEO and SEM campaigns for your clients. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are all-important to us. XOVI is highly customisable and we develop and update our software to fit your and your clients' needs; adding your own backlinks and keywords or importing and exporting in-house data is no problem. The Reporting tool enables you to create PDF reports tailored to your corporate identity and requirements at the touch of a button. XOVI is the perfect tool for developing, managing and testing online marketing projects, giving you a complete breakdown of any domain, subdomain, subpage, or directory, from a general overview right down to individual keyword data. Each report includes a fully-customisable set of key metrics, such as domain and IP popularity. XOVI draws on a unique keyword database of currently over three million terms, which can be freely expanded to cover niche SEO interests and is updated weekly. Other data, such as backlinks and the Monitoring tool, which enables you to keep track of specific keywords in over forty countries, are updated daily. The Fresh Index updates links as they are crawled, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and improving your reaction time when it counts. Expert support and training are on hand to ensure you are able to deliver the best possible service to your clients. Register today for a no-obligation free trial and discover the power of XOVI.


The XOVI tool can help bring your company's website to the front ranking of search engines such as Google and successfully run branding and identity management campaigns. Find all the information you need for effective SEO at the push of a button: your best- and worst- performing keywords, promising keywords, up-to-date backlink information and subpage rankings and much more. Identify your strengths and weaknesses to fully optimize your domain. XOVI also enables you to analyse competitors' websites and compare results, allowing you to stay one step ahead and alerting you to changes as they occur. XOVI clients benefit from access to our huge SEO keyword database, which suggests favourable search terms in hotly contested areas. The OnPage optimization tool analyses page quality, structure, and composition and advises you on the most effective measures to fully optimize your site to meet your goals. Individually customisable and fully comprehensive reports break down and clearly present results for effective communication. Sign up for the no-obligation free trial today and benefit from our expert support and training to achieve your company's aims. The XOVI academy offers face-to-face training in all major German cities and regular webinars at no extra cost, as well as coming directly to you for in-house training to ensure you get the best out of the tool. Call us now to benefit from individual consultation and advice.

XOVI Academy

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The XOVI Academy offers online and face-to-face training and certification in the all-in-one SEO and online marketing tool in all major German cities


XOVI: the key to success in online business

Maximize your traffic the easy way with XOVI search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Use the XOVI All-In-One online marketing tool to efficiently optimize and advertise the most valuable search terms and weed out ineffective keywords. Get the best out of your online marketing budget by relying on facts and figures, not guesswork and gut feelings. Discover the power of professional SEO analysis with a 14-day no obligation free trial. Webmasters, business owners, SEO/SEM agencies and online marketing experts – thousands of clients have already sustainably improved their online marketing and increased sales with XOVI.

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