Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

General FAQs

Is there support for the use of the tool? What support does XOVI offer?

XOVI helps you actively online and offline with training in the use of the new tool. Visit the free webinars and seminars of our XOVI Academy. You can also find some help online in the tool in the charts. For personal contact our support is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm by phone, live chat and of course email at

What use rights do I purchase with the purchase of XOVI?

XOVI is sold under two licensing models: Pro and business. The main difference of the two versions lies in the logins per licence.
With XOVI Pro, you get a single access to the XOVI suite on the licence. This account cannot be used with multiple users simultaneously. With XOVI Business, although you still receive only one licence, you can apply it to different accounts, and so accounts for different users, for example in marketing, can be set up and defined. A licence for multiple users can be used in this way online.
Within a licence the entire scope of services is available to you and can be found in detail in the Tool Overview.

Will I still be able to make good use of XOVI in the future?

Online marketing is one of the most dynamic of businesses. Time and again, new metrics and formats become relevant. To keep pace with this development, we lay special emphasis on the ongoing development of our software.
Since 2009 XOVI has therefore been kept continuously up-to-date through updates of different magnitudes and supplemented with new features or completely new tools. Nothing of that will change in the future – and so in the future you will still be able to count on XOVI.

Can I influence the development of features?

Our stated goal is to develop a product together with our customers that lends valuable support in your everyday work and with regard to the actions of your competitors. Despite all our expertise, this of course is not possible for us without your help. We are therefore grateful for any suggestion or criticism and will do our best to incorporate your wishes into the XOVI suite.
With the XOVI Suite V3 Revolution we have been able to incorporate very many of the wishes of customers till now. The development work continues, however, and so we continue to look forward to your feedback.
Contact one of our customer advisors directly online at: or by telephone: +49 221 677 873 40.

Do I get a commission if I bring a customer to XOVI?

You are convinced by the XOVI Suite and you are bringing us a new customer? Super! Then you too are welcome to participate in our partner program. You get a lifetime commission for a recruited customer of 20 percent on the price of the tool, for as long as the recruited customer remains with us. Learn more about our partner program.

Is there no smaller version for just one domain?

XOVI offers various versions of the XOVI Suite from EUR 99 monthly net as an all-in one solution for your online marketing projects. We do not offer a version for merely a domain or a single project.

Test Account FAQs

How long does the Test Account last for?

You can test the XOVI Suite for a full 14 days, to your hearts content. The Test Account then ends automatically and does not lead into a contractual relationship. It need not be terminated. You will be notified by email at the end of the Test Account.

Does the Test Account terminate automatically or do I have to cancel it?

The Test Account ends automatically after 14 days. You will be notified by email and will then have the opportunity to book the tool for a fee.

Tool FAQs

How many projects can I create?

An unlimited number of projects can be created in the XOVI Suite. Gain a clear monitoring overview of all SEO projects with the XOVI Suite in one tool at no extra charge.

How many domains can I monitor?

The XOVI Suite offers you unlimited possibilities for domain analysis and monitoring. You thus keep an eye on all your own domains and those of your competitors.

How many keywords do I have in the Monitoring?

For daily monitoring, the PRO version makes available 2,500 crawls a week. You can decide yourself how often the rankings should be updated – from daily to weekly. The crawl is calculated from the product: Keyword * day * search engine. More crawls can be booked for a small extra charge at any time.

Can I put my account on hold?

In the OnPage Tool from XOVI unlimited analyses can be launched, and with that the progress of your OnPage optimization and the associated marketing as well can be kept in view online. You can start a new test at any time to determine the progress of the optimization.

Can several of my colleagues use the tool?

The XOVI Suite is multi-login capable. You can also use the tool with several colleagues at the same time. Please note, however, that the project management functions can be used effectively only with the Business Version.

Can I transfer my set keywords or must I re-enter everything after booking?

You can transfer your projects set up in the Test Account, including the keywords and reporting templates, if you enter the access data of the Test Account in the order form.

How often will the data in the Keyword Tool be updated?

The rankings in the Keyword Tool are updated weekly. The update is usually done on Sundays.

Can I also monitor my rankings internationally?

In the Keyword Tool we offer the SEO data for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with a weekly update. In Monitoring you have to possibility to monitor over 40 countries and so to keep the international appeal of your important keywords in mind.

Is it possible to give my customers a closer look?

Of course. You can create a report and have it sent it to your customers either manually or automatically through XOVI. You can also establish read-access to your customers online and give them their own access to the XOVI Suite. This will allow the customer to view only his project, however, for example with regard to a specifically opened competitor or targeted marketing measures. No changes, however, can be made.

Is there a white-label version of the XOVI Tool?

We currently do not offer a white-label version of our XOVI Suite. As soon as we do offer this option in our product range, we will inform you via newsletter.

Contract & Payment FAQs

What are the periods of notice?

The cancellation period is 14 days before the expiration of the current contract term. Example: You have a monthly contract and you always receive your bill on the 17th of the month? Then your notice of termination is considered to have been submitted in due time if it is received 14 days before the 17th of the following month via email to or by post/fax. In this example, that means by the 3rd of the month.

How much does XOVI cost?

XOVI, with all its current and future functions, costs, depending on the model, either €99 (XOVI Pro) or €149 (XOVI business) net per month for all new customers that register, for example online, under the current conditions, provided that the contract will continue without interruption. We give this price guarantee regardless of all tools, areas and features that will be coming up in the future.
There is no setup fee. There is also the option of a subsequent upgrade or downgrade from the Xovi Pro Version to the Business Version, or vice versa. You will of course also receive online in our pricelist a comprehensive overview of the prices and services of the different versions, which will certainly cover your list of questions.

Will additional costs be charged to me?

If you decide on the XOVI Suite you receive a comprehensive all-in-one-tool for the all-in one price. There are no modular surcharges or any obligation to purchase the capacity for domain comparison, exports, or historical data on additional costs. The normal use of the XOVI suite is therefore not connected with any further costs.
Nevertheless we do offer extra services to our customers, which are in turn connected with extra investments. Examples of such extras are:
- The increase of the crawling scope for OnPage analyses
- Activation of parallel OnPage analyses
- Increasing the number of API credits
- Extra crawls within the keyword monitoring
- SMS-credits for alerts and other notifications