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Who we are

XOVI GmbH has been offering SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for the online marketing industry since 2009, helping online marketers and businesses be more successful on the web. The company is founded on the XOVI online marketing suite. Using this unique search analysis software gives our clients a significant competitive advantage in search engine optimization and search engine- and affiliate marketing. XOVI collects, analyses, and presents all the relevant data necessary for successful online marketing. Maximising traffic through search engines, finding and employing the most valuable keywords, and building a reliable affiliate network are all made possible with XOVI.

What we do

At XOVI, we are dedicated to continually developing our software, upgrading existing tools and implementing new features based on our expertise and your needs to ensure our suite meets the highest technological standards. Whatever the future may bring, XOVI guarantees to deliver innovative analysis and optimization capabilities.
Over a thousand businesses across Europe trust XOVI, including everything from well-known online sales outlets, internet portals and medium-sized businesses to online marketing and advertising agencies and Web 2.0 companies.
Together with its parent company, Service for SEOs GmbH, XOVI GmbH currently employs around 20 staff at its head office on the bank of the Rhine in Cologne, as well as having international offices in Austria and Switzerland, and ranks amongst the most popular and innovative SEO tool providers in Germany.

How to reach us

Call us if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to answer them.

What drives us

Search engines, Google in particular, are changing the secret algorithms they use to deliver search results at ever-shorter intervals. This adds another complication to the already-difficult business of SEO, but on the other hand, it also means there's always a fresh challenge to overcome. Certain ranking factors fall in importance and are replaced with new factors.
XOVI is dedicated to providing search engine optimizers and online marketing specialists with an efficient tool which allows them to adapt to changes as XOVI does to achieve greater success in online business. In doing so, we see out clients as partners and work closely with them to develop and upgrade our tools. Clients' suggestions are welcomed, as is participation in development processes such as beta testing.


Help your career take off with XOVI

We are always looking for talented new employees to help us in marketing, support, sales, and further development of our tools.


Customer testimonials – take it from our current clients!

  • Björn Tantau

    proprietor bjoerntantau.com

    XOVI now offers a great deal of good features that are not to be found in other tools in this price class. That alone makes XOVI worth the price, and it should not be left out of the daily workflow.

    XOVI is currently probably the most comprehensive SEO, and the price is absolutely unbeatable. The speed at which new functions are continuously extended is impressive. Meanwhile, XOVI can really do everything you could wish for. I recommend XOVI at every seminar. Keep it up!

    Felix Beilharz

    consultant onlinemarketing-seminar.net

  • David Odenthal

    proprietor urange.de

    At this price/performance ratio, the coverage of the tool reaches so deeply into the practice that it is both daunting and breathtaking. Together with the good support, the tool is truly essential. Using the tool we were also able measurably to increase the ranking results of our projects. - See more at: https://www.xovi.com/#sthash.GAUwcJzA.dpuf

    Xovi offers a unbeatable price/performance ratio and high user-friendliness. The innovative development of the tool is remarkable. The tool is for me an important daily work tool as an SEO.

    Dirk Schiff

    proprietor dirkschiff.de

  • Heiko Stiegert

    SEO Consultant mediaworx.com

    With the evaluation of the search engine optimisation regarding rankings and the bringing to light of the associated sales potential, based on the Xovi data we can advise our customers more efficiently. Thanks to the more than fair price-performance ratio of this tool, with all its different modules and consistently professional and personal support, Xovi has been a very useful marketing tool for us since 2011.

    Xovi offers me more data than equivalent tools. Unique customising capacity by adding your own search terms – wonderful.

    Frank Schräpler

    CEO profi-ranking.de

  • Andreas Ganter

    proprietor backlink-spinne.de/landingpage.html

    XOVI is a SEO Suite, which already contains everything you would have to pay extra for with comparable services. Creativity and innovation are clearly in the foreground here. Revolutionary!