A quick overview of all the tools included in the All-In-One online marketing suite

Optimize and promote your website efficiently with our SEO software with the most representative keywords to maximize your success on the net. Develop the budget of online marketing campaigns in a very intelligent and effective way. No matter what you do: whether you are a webmaster, responsible for an online shop, SEM-/SEO agency, search engine optimizer, SEO-/SEM agency customer or responsible for decisions in the field of online marketing - XOVI customers have already managed to improve their online marketing sales and increase their income month by month with our help.

XOVI tools at a glance

Details and analysis of the most important terms.
Daily Keyword-Monitoring of your own key terms.
Analyze and optimize all the most important On-Page factors.
Analyze and track all the backlinks of a domain.
Detects Google's penalties so you can prevent or remove them.
Search Analytics
Identifies traffic sources and visitor flow
Analyze and optimize your Google Ads ads
White label and personalized reports for you and your clients.

SEO tools for your success

Establishing a successful online presence means showing up in the top results of search engines such as Google. Online marketing is the key to getting your site noticed, winning customers, and significantly boosting your sales. It's also important to keep up with your competitors' marketing campaigns. XOVI can show you your competitors' online presence, how they draw in traffic, and warn you of changes or newcomers which threaten your market share.

Ease of use, up-to-date performance evaluation, and rapid reaction to change are crucial for long-term success in the fast-moving world of online marketing and the competition for top spots is fierce. Professional SEO software such as XOVI will give you an edge over the competition, giving you an overview of all aspects of your online presence and alerting you to change, allowing you to react swiftly to protect your business.

XOVI 'Performance Pack' gives you comprehensive information about the following key indicators:


  • Absolute transparency,

    quick and individual customization

  • Unbeatable

    price-performance ratio

  • Helpful features such as potential

    new keywords, top rankings and keyword import

  • Daily ranking updates

    for your most valuable keywords in the Monitoring Tool

  • Manage your unique

    user-specific keywords separately

  • Detailed analyses

    from individual keywords to whole subpages

XOVI Tools

URL Visibility

This section of the XOVI tool gives you useful information about a site's visibility online and its position in the top 10 rankings.

Keywords and Ranking Changes

A complete overview of relevant keywords. Filter results to research specific keywords. Keep tabs on your most important search terms and long-tail keywords. The tool also assesses keyword quality and keeps you abreast of changes, allowing you to make changes quickly when necessary. The aim is to optimize your keywords for the best possible cost-benefit ratio.

Thematic Ranking

The tool helps you identify areas in which it may be worthwhile considering raising your revenue percentage. For example, areas could be broken down into products, furniture, computers, mobile phones etc., depending on your line of business. The advantage in mapping this way is that it allows you to identify previously neglected areas in which it may be worth making targeted investments. You can also see how your competitors position themselves in this regard and act accordingly.

URL (sub)domains

See your competitors' networks at a glance and find websites carrying your brand name, for example, in their URL. This feature is particularly useful if you attach a lot of importance to brand recognition and maintaining a unique identity.

Strongest Subpages

Improve your domain's ranking: make particularly strong subpages work for you by sustainably improving their OVI values and analysing and redeploying keywords accordingly. This is key to raising your market value through linking. The detailed analysis shows your performance over time to help you fine-tune your SEO strategy.


Identify and keep tabs on your direct competition: receive regular updates on competitors' positioning, domain quality, and associated keywords- Also see domains similar to yours, including OVI values. This helps you easily identify sites leeching off your brand name.

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