Keyword Monitoring

Monitor your most important keywords in 197 countries with the Monitoring tool. Benefit from daily ranking updates and keep tabs on competitors. Little effort, big success.

Monitor rankings in 197 countries

Daily ranking updates for your keywords

Respond quickly to ranking changes

Monitor additional keywords if required

Germany + 169 more countries!

Keep your most important keywords under observation with the XOVI Monitoring Tool. See which terms you achieve success with and manage your SEO strategies accordingly. By monitoring your keywords in 40 countries, benefit from comprehensive international comparisons with XOVI.

KEYWORD MONITORING features at a glance

 In the Pro version, you can make 2,500 requests per week. Because you manually adjust the days of the queries in the v3 for each keyword, you have several options. Example 1: You would like to requery all of your monitoring keywords each day of the week. In the Pro version, you could therefore monitor 357 keywords daily. Example 2: It is enough for you to requery your monitoring keywords only on weekdays. In the Pro version, you could therefore monitor 500 keywords.

Feature XOVI Pro XOVI Business XOVI Enterprise
Keyword queries 2.500 / week 3.500 / week 10.000 / week
All keywords
Supported Search Engines 197 197 197
API Access
Ranking Development
Keyword Analysis

Additional queries

 2,500 requests per week are included in the basic price for XOVI Pro, 3,500 requests per week for XOVI Business, and 10,000 queries per week for XOVI Enterprise. You can add on to weekly queries at any time for an additional charge.

Extra XOVI Pro XOVI Business XOVI Enterprise
 +2.500 requests 20,00€ /month 20,00€ /month 20,00€ /month
 +5.000 requests 30,00€ /month 30,00€ /month 30,00€ /month
 +10.000 requests 50,00€ /month 50,00€ /month 50,00€ /month
 +25.000 requests 75,00€ /month 75,00€ /month 75,00€ /month
 +50.000 requests 100,00€ /month 100,00€ /month 100,00€ /month
 +100.000 requests 175,00€ /month 175,00€ /month 175,00€ /month


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