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Keyword Tool

Need to monitor your keywords and react quickly to changes on a daily basis? XOVI is the perfect tool for you. Through regular detailed analyses XOVI monitors your and your competitors' keywords to identify strengths and weaknesses for you to act upon. Improve your website's visibility, get the most out of your online marketing budget and maximize your traffic now with XOVI.


Keep an eye on all your social media activities

All Keywords

Keep track of URLs and rankings


Analyse your competitors to get the upper hand

Keyword functions at a glance

Ranking Value
API Access
Keyword Analysis
Hot Keywords
Ranking Distribution
Live Rankings


Get your website to the top. The Monitoring tool lets you monitor your most important projects and keywords every day. Analyse the keywords that matter most to you. View rankings from over 40 countries and compare results internationally. Compare your site with your competitors' and react swiftly to changes in your rankings. Should you require more than the standard volume of 2,500 requests per week, additional queries are available for a small surcharge. The monitoring tool gives you all the information you need for your day-to-day SEO operations.


All keywords under observation at any one time

All Keywords

Rankings and URLs are constantly monitored

Ranking Development

User-friendly breakdown of development over time

Monitoring functions at a glance

Ranking Value
API Access
Keyword Analysis
Hot Keywords
Ranking Distribution
Live Rankings

On-Page Tool

Unlimited optimization and analysis with XOVI – monitor your site's technical implementation with our On-Page tool. On-Page analysis is vital in developing a successful SEO strategy and should be your first step towards improving your rankings and maximizing traffic. Analyse the quality of your content and internal link structure and optimize your domain for both visitors and search engines. The On-Page Tool gives you specific recommendations and general advice for all important aspects of on-page optimization. Run an analysis, implement the suggested changes and see the results for yourself.


Keep track of all On-Page analyses

WDF*IDF Editor

Text optimization for better visibility


Optimize images for visitors and search engines

On-page functions at a glance

Unlimited Projects
Weekly Crawls
WDF*IDF Function
Internal Documents
External Documents
Meta Tags
Page Structure
Page Speed Analysis

Link Tool

Get building backlinks right first time! Analyse your link structure and examine your competitors'. Carry out a comparative analysis to optimize your linkbuilding strategy – see how you rate against your rivals and how to most effectively develop your site to outstrip them. XOVI helps you unlock your site's potential with a comprehensive overview of your backlinks, anchor texts, host names, and IP addresses. Link analysis and geographic distribution mapping help you avoid penalties and harmful links to build a solid link profile. Get your site to the top with XOVI.


The most important charts and indicators at a glance

All Keywords

Includes linking domains and target URLs

Anchor Texts

Analyse your links' anchor texts

Link features at a glance

Unlimited Link Builder Accounts
All Links
Anchor Texts
Winners and Losers
Host Names
Network Analysis
Domain Comparison


Need to manage your links effectively? XOVI's Linkmanager tool makes managing your link profile simple. Optimizing linking is an important part of SEO and best practice includes regularly checking your links for errors. With XOVI you can analyse your links at a click of the mouse, locate deleted and NoFollow links and detect harmful link sources. Carry over backlinks from the link tool or import links from other sources for analysis. The Linkmanager tool is an indispensable, user-friendly part of XOVI's All-In-One online marketing suite.


Keep track of your links


Monitor the progress of your link growth

Link Building

Organise your link building campaigns with Link Manager

Linkmanager features at a glance

Monitor Link Building
Monitor Link Removal
Link Details
Unlimited Links
CSV Import
Manage Link Partnerships


Evaluate your domain's link profile and reduce the risk of being punished by Google. Using a comprehensive range of metrics, XOVI's Disavow Tool analyses the quality of your incoming links and calculates the level of risk for the domain. The Disavow Tool is also perfect for link-building. Analyse your competitors' link profiles and identify valuable or interesting links.


Qualitative link evaluation


Manual link evaluation

Disvavow features at a glance

Qualitative link evaluation
Generate and download a .txt disavow file
Majestic/ahrefs link source compatability (via API)
Automated Reporting
Automatic re-evaluation

Social Signals Tool

View your social media presence at a glance with the Social Signals Tool. The tool uses information from direct and indirect social interactions to rank your website's visibility on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The comprehensive overview lets you keep an eye on all your social media activities at once, track changes over time and get daily updates to efficiently manage your social media campaigns.


Keep an eye on all your social media activities


See which social networks are the most and least active


Clear, simple breakdown of data for easy interpretation and presentation

Social Signals features at a glance

Social Networks
Link Analysis
Network Distribution
Shared URLs

Social Analytics Tool

Keep an eye on your most important social media channels – Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. XOVI's Social Analytics Tool enables you to continuously monitor the most important figures both for your social profiles and those of your competitors. Fans, followers, likes, tweets, shares – you have all your key social media data at your fingertips. Analyse social media activity trends and draw meaningful conclusions for your own campaigns.

Facebook & Co

Analyse the most important social networks


Analyse your competitors to get the upper hand

Social Analytics features at a glance

All metrics
Competitor analysis

SEA Tool

If done correctly, search engine advertising can be a particularly effective source of traffic. XOVI's SEA tool helps you keep track of your online promotional activities to avoid unnecessary scattering losses and increase the efficiency of your advertising campaigns- The tool can also be used to track competitors' campaigns, showing all keywords and historical data. Find and exploit top ad keywords, track your competitors, and create your own opportunities.


All ads under observation at any time

Domain Comparison

Compare and contrast your site with the competition

Ad History

See the progress of your ads over time

SEA functions at a glance

Ad Keywords
Placed Ads
Ad History
Ad Titles
Domain Comparison

Affiliates Tool

Exclusive to XOVI: the Affiliates Tool! No other tool provider offers an equivalent feature. The Affiliates Tool gives you unique insight into your competitors' SEO and SEM campaigns. Find your rivals' most important affiliates and examine their partnerships and link structures in detail to boost the success of your own affiliate campaigns and counter threats to your market share.


Keep an eye on all your and your competitors' affiliate campaigns

Geographical Distribution

Map your affiliates and partnerships to maximise benefits and avoid penalties

Affiliates features at a glance

Network Analysis
Country Distribution
Target Page Visibility
Ad Media
Advertising Link Texts

Search Analytics Tool

XOVI is dedicated to being as customisable and flexible as possible to accommodate your needs. The Search Analytics tool allows you to easily link the data of any search analytics tool to XOVI, allowing you to manage all your online marketing needs in one comprehensive suite. Linked data is displayed directly in the suite and can be managed and analysed just like any other feature, helping you to remain consistent and professional. Display the traffic each search term generates to find which keywords best drive traffic to your site and follow the facts to success with XOVI.

Traffic Sources

Analyse site traffic in detail


Manage all your search analytics accounts in one tool

Keyword Potential

Recognise and capitalise on potentially valuable keywords

Search Analytics features at a glance<

Traffic Sources
Keyword Potential
Landing Pages

Reporting Tool

Produce bespoke reports in seconds: XOVI's Reporting tool enables you to create fully customised reports tailored to your corporate identity. Need to present data to clients or co-workers outside the XOVI suite? Simply add your company's layout template and logo, select the data you wish to include, and produce professional-looking PDF reports at the push of a button. Save your preferences, templates, and contacts and automate report creation and delivery to make future reporting even easier. XOVI's Reporting tool cuts your workload to a minimum.

Create Reports

Create individual reports for you and your clients

Design Layouts

Add your own templates and customise the appearance of your reports

Define the Content

Tailor reports to include only the relevant data

Reporting features at a glance

Unlimited Reports
Custom Layouts
Custom Content
Automated Reporting
Automated Delivery
Report Archive
Report Templates

XOVI Academy

Webinars & presence training for your success!

At the XOVI Academy, XOVI GmbH offers in-house training Online Marketing and our SEO Tool in all major German cities and in Austria.


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