Onpage analysis

Optimize your website's technical implementation to appeal to search engines and visitors equally. Avoid technical errors such as duplicate content and defective links, and create optimal SEO texts through WDF*IDF analysis.

Unlimited Optimisation

Unlimited Analyses

WDF*IDF analysis for ideal SEO texts

Detailed Assessments


With text optimization, also known as WDF*IDF, different webpage texts can be adjusted for search engines in terms of keywords.

ONPAGE features at a glance

Feature XOVI Pro XOVI Business XOVI Enterprise
Number of analyses unlimited unlimited unlimited
Duplicate Content
External Linking
Internal Documents
Anchor Texts
Pagespeed Monitoring
Parallel Processing 1 1 1
Crawling scope 50,000 subpages 100,000 subpages 500,000 subpages

Increased crawling scope

 By default, you can analyze up to 50,000 subpages per domain in the Pro version, 100,000 subpages with XOVI Business, or 500,000 pages with XOVI Enterprise. If this is not enough for you, you can increase the crawling scope.

Crawling scope XOVI Pro XOVI Business XOVI Enterprise
50,000 subpages 29,90€ /month 29,90€ /month -
100.000 subpages 59,90€ /month 59,90€ /month -
250.000 subpages 149,90€ /month 149,90€ /month 149,90€ /month
500.000 subpages 299,90€ /month 299,90€ /month 299,90€ /month

Parallel processing

 By default, a maximum of one domain can be parsed at one time. Additional parallel processing can be booked at any time.

Any further processing XOVI Pro XOVI Business XOVI Enterprise
1 29,90€ monthly 29,90€ monthly 29,90€ monthly


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