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Step 1: Choose a domain

The button takes you directly to the "Projects" menu. Click on "Set Up Project". In the first step, enter your domain – in our example: www.blume2000.de.

Step 2: Name your project

XOVI automatically generates project names that you can change. To later keep an overview of several projects, you can add a description and labels.

Step 3: Select your competitors

XOVI suggests a list of competitors to your stated domain. By clicking on"Add", you will add the competitor to the project. You may also add your competitors manually.

Step 4: Choose the search terms that XOVI is to monitor

As in the previous step, XOVI does the work: Choose from a list of keywords to be monitored or your own keywords. Further below, choose the search engines and the interval that XOVI should monitor for the keywords.

Step 5: Save your project

Done! Before you save your project, you can decide if XOVI should start monitoring a website immediately. Additionally choose if XOVI should inform you of important changes.

Done: Your first project in XOVI

  Watch the XOVI Tour!

You can start immediately with your newly set-up project: Optimise your website, analyse your competitors and impress with your professional PDF reports! We will show you in detail how that is done in the coming days taking our little “flower project” as an example. Already convinced about our XOVI all-in-one suite? Then order XOVI now and always be a step ahead of your competitors!

Do you still have questions about setting up projects or other functions in the XOVI suite? DThe most frequently asked questions are answered in our XOVI FAQs.

Can’t find your question here? Then just send us an e-mail to info@xovi.com or give us a call: +49 221 6778 73 40.

See you later! Your XOVI Team