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Reason 1: Find the keywords with which your website will be found

At the beginning of each keyword analysis, you should check which keywords even find you. In "Keyword > Overview" in the table: "Interesting Keywords" you have a selection of your best placed and most traffic-generating keywords. A complete list of all keywords can be displayed in "All Keywords".

Reason 2: Find out how frequently these keywords are searched for

It is important to know how frequently the keywords are searched for that find your webpage. How often keywords are searched can always be found in XOVI in the search volume (SeVo or SuVo). If your objective is to generate more traffic, your first look should always be at the search volume of the keywords. But careful: The larger the search volume usually means more competitors!

Reason 3: Monitor your most important keywords

The continuous monitoring of your most important keywords plays a prime role in optimisation. On the basis of the daily ranking update, you can quickly react to basic changes and take appropriate action. Tip: Monitor not only your own keywords, but also those of your competitors!

Reason 4: Keep an eye on the competition at any time

Keep an eye on your sharpest competitors at any time. Analyse which keywords your competitors use to generate the most traffic and which keyword strategies they pursue. XOVI gives you a range of tools for this: With "Ranking Compare", for example, make a direct comparison of the rankings for you and your competitors.

Reason 5: Make your website more visible

The best product and the best website are useless when your own website is positioned at the bottom of search engine findings. The aim is to be in the top ranks of Google & Co with as many relevant keywords as possible. To express the visibility of a domain in figures, XOVI has a so-called OVI (Online Value Index).

Reason 6: Increase your number of visitors

With a keyword analysis you check to see with which keywords you and your competitors are found in the search engines. Based on the data obtained, a number of conclusions can be drawn with which you can permanently improve your rankings and thereby generate more visitors. Discover with the help of XOVI new opportunity keywords with which you can serve niches your competitors have not even thought of up to now!

Excellent: You have mastered your first keyword analysis

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Congratulations! You have performed your first keyword analysis with XOVI. You now know how you are found with which keywords, what value these keywords have and which keywords would be useful for future optimisation. In our next section, you will learn everything about the topic of backlinks

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