4 Google Search Console Tips in XOVI

Google search console XOVI

March 15, 2016

Author: Julia Pritzen

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XOVI’s new Search Console tool allows you to work with Google Search Console data within your XOVI account, including Google search query information which could help you with your website optimization. Since this data is imported into XOVI directly from your Google account, there can sometimes be a few stumbling blocks. That’s why we’ve put together this blog article to present four simple tips to help you solve any problems you might have.

1. My domain isn’t shown in XOVI

Have you already identified the property in the Search Console? In order to fetch data for your domain, you must first have verified the domain in your Google account. Once you have successfully verified your domain, it will appear in XOVI too.

Important: If your website is accessible via both HTTP and HTTPS, Google recommends setting up a property for each. Further information on setting up properties is available from Google support: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/34592


2. My domain isn’t visible on the overview page

Once you have successfully verified your domain in your Google account, but it still isn’t shown in XOVI’s Search Console overview, then it could be the case that you haven’t yet linked the domain to a project. To do this, head to Search Analytics account management and click on the relevant Google account. On the next screen you will see all domains which are associated with the Search Console for your Google account. To the right of each is a button with which you can link the domain to a project. Click here and XOVI will begin importing data from Google Search Console.


3. XOVI says my domain isn’t active

Do you have the required permission in your Google account to access data for this domain? Double-check with the website owner and request the necessary permission for the property. Once you’ve done that, XOVI will automatically begin importing data.


4. What can I do with the data?

Analyse particularly interesting or pertinent search queries in the Search Console more closely in other parts of the XOVI Suite – it’s all about combining the different tools!

  • To have a closer look at search queries, add interesting keywords to the Keyword Monitoring tool. Set crawl days, search engines, devices and competitors to have XOVI monitor keywords to your exact configuration.
  • To acquire a quick overview of your rankings for particular search terms, run a Keyword Live Check. XOVI then shows your live ranking positions for your selected keywords.
  • To configure a landing page better for a particularly common or important search term, specify the landing page URL and the desired search engine and run a WDF*IDF text optimization analysis.


Author: Julia Pritzen