Efficient SEO and Keyword planning with XOVI

SEO and Keyword Planner

September 20, 2017

Author: Maik Benske

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We have integrated a new feature into the XOVI Suite to make your daily SEO work even easier. We’ve all been there – whether restricting your website for a relaunch or analysing the competition, we all use Excel tables to organise our keywords and menu options. Keywords from different competitors are then grouped together under unique keywords in order to identify the potential of different keyword groups and page structures.

Luckily, the new Planner function in the XOVI Suite does all of this for you! It’s now possible to create your own “Plans” and define groups, keywords and URLs within them. For every keyword, XOVI displays the search volume, CPC, number of Google search results and competitor density in order to help identify the most important URLs which have the most potential to bring you increased traffic and greater reach. The idea behind the XOVI Planner will be familiar to those you who have used the Google Keyword Planner, which functions in a similar way for ad-keywords.

The XOVI Planner can be used in various different ways, such as:


Any relaunch should be preceded by a detailed competitor analysis – so use the XOVI Planner to set up a suitable strategy and define your key target groups which will later become your menu options. XOVI then analyses your website and that of your competitor and allocates keywords accordingly. When the research is complete, you can see the total keyword search volume for each group and can tell where your website has the most potential.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is one of the most important tasks when it comes to researching keyword ideas. The XOVI Planner now enables you to compare and contrast different competitors and produce a unique list of keyword ideas.

Content planning

Current, up-to-date websites rank higher and increase visibility in search engines, so it’s important to post new content as regularly as possible. The difficulty however is identifying the most important topics, which is where the XOVI Planner comes in. Create a group for each content idea and add various keywords which you think are important. This will enable you to see which content has the potential to generate the greatest reach.

AdWords planning

Use the SEA tool within the XOVI Suite to identify keywords which your competitors are using to place ads. Now, use the XOVI Planner to compare and contrast competitor keywords and work out which terms and keywords are best suited to your own ad campaigns.

Author: Maik Benske