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November 8, 2016

Author: Kevin Jackowski

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No subject has occupied aspiring online marketers in recent months like the professional construction and maintenance of niche websites. The prospect of generating consistent income with the help of small affiliate websites is not only incredibly attractive but also thoroughly possible. There has never been such a fantastic array of online niches in which money can be earnt using affiliate marketing.

But even semi-professional niche websites face challenges which require professional solutions. Since Google’s Keyword Planner became pay-only and began delivering rather inexact search volume data for keywords (anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000 queries per month), the search for an all-round tool suitable for any niche marketing strategy has intensified.

Among other things, such a tool must feature:

  • SEO tracking (individual website visibility)
  • A dashboard capable of managing multiple relevant niche KPIs
  • Comprehensive keyword research (including long-tail keywords)
  • Integrated SEO on-page analysis
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Text optimization
  • Reliable search volume data
  • Backlink analysis and management

XOVI offers webmasters all of these essential functions in one single tool. This blog takes a look at some of these niche functions in more detail.

Finding your niche and identifying keywords

Every successful niche website begins with keyword research. After all, you need to determine whether or not there is substantial demand for your page/product/service and, if there is, which keywords and search phrases you need to optimize for. Niche websites are most successful when specialist topics are dealt with in detail, giving visitors no need to look any further. So it’s vital to uncover all relevant keywords and use search volume data, affiliate pricing and existing competition to determine whether your niche website is financially viable. Ultimately, profit is aim of the game.

In addition to initial market research and competitor analysis, XOVI also offers comprehensive keyword data. Now in possession of some of the largest keyword databases anywhere in the world, XOVI is now able to identify more suitable keyword phrases than ever before, enabling you to build your niche online presence accordingly and establish strong internal links.

Practical filters provide scope for even more specific keyword research. Try combining the following filter options:

  • Keyword
  • Competitor
  • Search volume
  • Word count
  • CPC

Or apply others:

  • Contains …
  • Does not contain …
  • Equal to …
  • Not equal to …
  • Begins with …
  • Does not begin with …

These filter options enable niche website owners to identify short and long tail keywords with which they can boost organic search engine traffic. Since Google’s own Keyword Planner has been scaled back, XOVI’s CPC and search volume data is particularly helpful.

Comprehensive backlink analysis

High quality backlinks are as relevant as ever in SEO and are still vital to boost search engine rankings, meaning that individual off-page SEO strategies are just as important for niche websites. XOVI’s link tool analyses the backlink profiles of comparable domains to help you find and use potential backlink sources more easily.

Link PI

Following the Google Penguin Updates, the quality of your own backlink profile is more important than ever – and XOVI provides the necessary analysis options here too. In addition, XOVI’s Link Manager helps manage relevant backlinks to ensure that backlink power is retained in the long term.

WDF*IDF text optimization

Comprehensive, informative and helpful website text helps successful niche websites to stand out from the crowd – and with XOVI’s WDF*IDF text analysis and optimization tool, you can be sure that your website’s copy remains relevant and competitive. The WDF*IDF analysis compares existing high-ranking website text (e.g. that of a competitor) with your own copy, enabling you to identify keywords and phrases which are particularly relevant for your niche but perhaps don’t appear frequently enough on your website. The tool also identifies relevant terms which appear too often from the search engine’s point of view and therefore risk being penalized as spam. Finding the perfect balance of keyword frequency in your text is one step to achieving better search engine rankings.

Integrated SEO on-page analysis

XOVI users can add their niche website as a separate project and have XOVI run a detailed on-page analysis. Organic search engine traffic plays an essential for niche website – this is after all specialist traffic using specialist keywords which is easily monetized. High search engine rankings for relevant searches are therefore vital.
But you don’t need to be an SEO whizz to make the technical changes necessary for good rankings. XOVI’s all-encompassing on-page analysis includes practical tips on how to actually implement measures to optimize your website’s on-page. As a niche website owner, you bring the passion and the industry knowledge – leave the technical SEO to XOVI!

Individual keyword monitoring

Organic search engine traffic is the lifeblood of specialist niche websites, so it’s important to keep track of the performance of important keywords and phrases. Whilst such data is useful to further expand your SEO strategy, it also enables you to analyse and understand potential ranking drops. XOVI’s keyword monitoring tool supports niche website owners with daily analyses of specialist long-tail keywords in addition to more common phrases. Specialist keywords can be monitored in almost any search engine and as regularly as you like for perfect keyword monitoring tailored to your individual needs.

What’s more, XOVI uses the data from your specialized keyword monitoring to produce a unique visibility value (OVI) for your website based on your niche’s keywords. This value is based exclusively on the specialist keywords which you have entered and represents a significantly more precise yardstick than a regular OVI based on common general search terms.


With XOVI, online marketers looking to guarantee long-term income from niche side-projects no longer need to invest in multiple different SEO tools. With XOVI, they can carry out their initial keyword research, technical on-page construction and regular SEO analyses using one single suite – which they ideally already use for bigger, more mainstream projects. XOVI’s greatest strength is its flexibility and its ability to combine many useful functions in one place, enabling even webmasters with relatively little SEO know-how to run a lucrative niche website.

Author: Kevin Jackowski