XOVI dmexco 2017 update: On-Page, Planner and external data

dmexco 2017 Highlights

September 20, 2017

Author: Maik Benske

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dmexco 2017 teamOn the 13 and 14 September, XOVI was once again present at dmexco in Cologne, where customers and colleagues could see for themselves what lay in store ahead of our biggest release in recent months. The new 2017 update featured three major changes to the XOVI Suite. Firstly, the On-Page Tool has been given a complete makeover. In addition to a much bigger database and a general restructuring, new features such as internal links and focus keywords have also been implemented. In addition, there are also two brand new tools which should make your daily SEO work even easier.

On-Page Tool

The XOVI On-Page Tool has undergone a complete overhaul with a whole new architecture in the back end and a range of new features in the front.

All customers also receive an increased number of analyses, which has been doubled for each account type.

Pro Business Enterprise
Old 25,000 50,000 250,000
New 50,000 100,000 500,000


Language / Multi-Language

Head to Analysis > Language / Multi-Language to find all the tools you need to test how linguistically diverse your website is, including hreflang attributes.

XOVI Planner

The new Planner tool in the XOVI Suite is designed to make keyword research, content planning and structure planning easier. The Planner is a middleware tool with which users can create and store keyword lists and data such as search volume, CPC and URLs. The keywords can be grouped together according to purpose to produce a comprehensive overview of important topics and URLs for a website.

Learn more about the XOVI Planner here.

Author: Maik Benske