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Programmatic goes Branding

Saban Denis Dasgin | February 15, 2018


More Efficient Optimization

You are reaching the right target groups at the right time and on the perfect advertising space? Programmatic Advertising will provide you just that.

In the general sense, Programmatic is a system in which certain advertising spaces are automatically bought and sold in real time and then controlled.

The matching advertisements are then played out for the target groups in question, which are tracked by individual target group data.

The advantages of Programmatic are, on the one hand, that data-driven campaigns can be purchased better and more resource-saving and can be optimized with regards to defined key performance indicators.

New Branding Formats

Until now, Programmatic has only worked with standardized advertising formats that can be purchased and delivered within a corresponding range without meeting branding demands.
The first providers now also deliver scalable, special advertising formats in programmatic form: By creating the advertising actions through large-area, special formats it becomes possible to attract the attention of the users and to directly bind them to the brand. Inviting people to interact with each other plays an important role. Turn your brand into an experience for the user, as the typical banners do not even make it possible, and leave a lasting impression on your target group.

Particular attention should be paid to ensuring that the advertising material is delivered to qualified websites in order to ensure that the brand remains protected and is displayed to the target group.

Branding or Performance?

Due to the extensive user data available regarding demographic origin, age and interests, combined with the numerous offers of various advertising materials, the technology behind Programmatic Advertising can now be used perfectly for branding purposes. The linchpin of Programmatic’s business remains the same between performance and branding. In this context, the focus is on blatant advertising aimed at reaching the respective user.

Programmatic in the Future

All in all, one thing is important for branding in the programmatic area: the user must be solicited with great attention. In addition, however, Programmatic Advertising opens up a variety of measurement methods that provide advertisers with important profit in branding campaigns.

By addressing a certain target group, the success can be measured much better and larger scattering losses can be avoided. Programmatic branding campaigns will certainly increase for these reasons. At the same time, it is necessary to design the implementation of the advertising material with the highest quality possible. This not only conveys the right message that attracts the user’s interest, but also generates long-term customer loyalty. Combining eye-catching, individual, and interactive advertising content with the efficient use of technology, enables you to be on the right path to an effective and successful marketing message in Programmatic Branding.

Online marketing agencies such as TRENDOMEDIA provide information on the corporate side and slowly bring brands closer to the possibilities of Programmatic – namely targeted campaigns that achieve fewer waste coverage and at the same time lead to lower costs.