RTL fundraising marathon 2014 – get involved!

November 21, 2014

Author: Maik Benske

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As in previous years, the Cologne-based television broadcaster RTL is calling on the people of Cologne and Germany to donate to children in need. The fundraising marathon 2014 is aimed at strengthening the fight against child poverty to ensure a better future for children and young people worldwide. This call for aid has been timed purposely to coincide with Christmas. For children living in poverty at this time of year there will be no presents to look forward to, no tree to decorate and no Christmas dinner with family and friends. This is an appeal to peoples’ generosity at a time for giving.

Last year, 122m euros were donated and the entire amount was forwarded directly to selected charitable children’s’ projects by RTL.
Please join us in supporting the RTL fundraising marathon 2014. Children are our future. It’s up to us to give them a chance.
We’ve already been hard at work and managed to grab ourselves a truly unique gift at a charity auction! The proof is on our Instagram account!


Author: Maik Benske