SEO DAY 2014 in Cologne – an interview with Fabian Rossbacher

November 5, 2014

Author: Sascha Lienesch

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At the end of October, SEO day will again be upon us for the fourth time. We sat down with the SEO Day organiser, Fabian Rossbacher, to found out what participants can expect this year.


What is SEO Day?

SEO Day is an all-day conference everything SEO. Throughout the day, participants have the opportunity to listen to over 25 speakers giving more than 20 presentations on the subject of Google and Co. A wide range of topics are discussed, from link building to content strategies as well as processes and SEO tools. Which is why we’re delighted that XOVI are sponsoring us once again.

When and where is SEO Day?

This year, SEO Day will be taking place on the 30th of October in Cologne’s RheinEnergie-Stadion.

Who is invited?

Anyone whose customers use Google to search for their products or who rely on Google to offer their services should come along. Google is a huge provider of traffic in many sectors, so I want to be certain that my product can be found there.

How much does it cost?

A ticket to the all-day conference costs €350 (plus VAT)

What’s on the itinerary? How is the day planned out?

The welcome meeting begins at 9am inside the stadium. After a quick bite to eat, the first presentations begin. Each presentation lasts 40 minutes, whilst four 20-minute presentations take place simultaneously in neighbouring rooms. Visitors can therefore choose which topics best suit their needs and attend the respective lectures.
After lunch, the presentations continue with a short break for tea. Each presentation ends with what we call a super-panel, where each participant has the opportunity to ask the experts questions about their own websites.
Finally, after so much information and all those discussions, a well-earned chance to relax. After dinner, visitors are invited to the networking party in Cologne city centre.

Is anything happening on the day before?

Yes, on the 29th October there is a special workshop on SEO Shop, hosted by Stephan Czysch.

Thank you, Fabian. SEO Day looks set to be yet another interesting event which is well worth a visit. We at XOVI will of course also be there. We’re looking forward fresh input and a chance to get together in our favourite city.

Author: Sascha Lienesch