The Reporting Tool explained from start to finish

February 20, 2015

Author: Maik Benske

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XOVI’s integrated reporting tool is designed to reduce the time and effort expended in the production of PDF reports. The tool allows XOVI clients to automatically produce PDF reports at regular intervals which can then be sent to stored contacts. This standardization of the reporting process can save customers considerable time and money.

Webpage optimization begins with the mapping and analysis of key business data. Only once the strengths and weaknesses of your internet presence have been identified can you proceed with measures to improve the structure of a page. Agencies are increasingly making use of carefully produced PDF reports which present the current online situation of the business on the one hand, and highlight potential for improvement on the other.

In order to make your introduction to the XOVI reporting tool as easy as possible, we have taken the time to create the following four blog entries which guide you through the process of producing a PDF report.

Overview of reporting tool tutorials:

The first two parts are all about the design and content of reports, guiding you through the process of setting up layout and content templates. For instance, they explain how to integrate your company logo into a report and how to determine which content the report should contain. In part 3, we explain how to personalize reports to match the needs of each individual recipient. Finally, part 4 brings everything together to help you produce a final report.


Author: Maik Benske