BrightonSEO – Worth It!


May 4, 2018

Author: Nils Ehlert

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We are back from Brighton and have 3 things to share:

Being surrounded by industry leading companies and SEO professionals, as well as enthusiastic newcomers was exhilarating and the response we got even more so. (Even to the extent that we are already booked our spot for BrightonSEO in September. But I am getting ahead of myself.)


  1. First and foremost a big thank you is in order. Not just to the event team but to everybody who made it to the XOVI booth!
  2. BrightonSEO was packed to the brim with excitement and not like we are used to. Because every business meeting was set against the backdrop of arcades, bars and a dinosaur. Yes, a dinosaur:

    BrightonSEO Dinosaur

    The fun didn’t end there however, as the talks and sessions held at the Brighton Centre kept us talking way past the evening events at the Concorde 2 and at the iconic Brighton Palace Pier.

    BrightonSEO Party

  3. Talks like Maria Camanes Fores’Site Speed for in-house marketers: creating a culture of performance” and Greg Gifford’s’s “The Ray Stantz Guide to Real World Linkbuilding” were among the highlights.

    Maria Camanes really hit the nail on the head when talking about site speed not just as a matter of technical optimization but of ultimately improving on User Experience. It does not remain a topic solely concerning the small tech team in your company. Instead Site Speed, and therefore UX, should be a guiding light for all departments in a holistic online marketing approach. You can check out her slides right here.

    Greg Gifford’s talk “The Ray Stantz Guide to Real World Linkbuilding” using a plethora of movie references (Ghostbusters, Star Wars among them) was not just entertaining in its slide design but also intensely useful with its actionable tips on local link building. The self-proclaimed “Anti-linkbuilding session” was presented as a counterpoint to what he experienced as unrelatable linkbuilding talks in the past that use examples with massive budgets and huge marketing teams. Definitely, have a look at his awesome linkbuilding tips and entertaining slides right here.

We cannot wait to be back in September for more awesome talks, conversations, and drinks.

Cheers to Brighton!

Tip: For more highlights check out this article by the telegraph.

Author: Nils Ehlert